Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

Mahatma Gandhi

Adolescent Counseling

Teen Counseling Therapy

Types of Counseling for Your State of Mind

  • Are you worried about increasing isolation, defiance, depression, or anxiety in your child?
  • Is your teen drifting away from you and others?
  • Is your teen having difficulty focusing and you are noticing a sudden drop in grades?
  • Is communication becoming a growing challenge for you and your teenager?
  • Is your teenager obviously suffering from changes in your family life but unable to move on?

Why Psychotherapy & Counseling Helps

Psychotherapy counseling can help your child understand him/her self better and identify triggers.

Your child will learn skills to cope with stressors, identify emotions, learn appropriate expression of emotions, and learn healthy interpersonal skills.

Psychotherapy can also help you find effective ways of communicating with your child so that both you and your child feel validated and respected.

A Note to Teens
The reason you come into counseling is to discuss the situations that are bothering you in a safe and calm environment.

The treatment goals are set by you - and for you. Confidentiality is maintained to help you get the support you need to grow into a healthy individual.

You are not judged. You are free to explore your emotions. You are not treated like a little kid and you will be heard.